What We Do

We help companies to adopt latest technologies and automate their IT processes. Contact us and we will guide you to the infrastructure that meets your needs. We will give you advise about what fits your project the best. We have expertise in building automated infrastructures from scratch as well as migrating from an already existing platform.

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We will help you setting up a highly scalable, reliable and secure platform, supported by our knowledge and tools. These are some of the fields we are specialized in:

  • Scalability and High Availability.
  • Automated Configuration Management.
  • Adoption and integration of Cloud Services.
  • Deployment of Virtualized Systems.
  • Service Monitoring.
  • Performance optimization and bottleneck detection.



A work methodology that joins the ideas of the Agile Development with the installation and configuration of IT systems. It encourages team work between the departments involved in development.

The Cloud

These latest years arose paradigm that addresses the scalability and availability needs for increasingly more complex web applications. It provides flexible and standardized IT resources on-demand, which has made way for pay-per-use model.

About Us

A young and dynamic team with wide and in-depth expertise in System Administration and Web Development. We use emerging technologies and collaborate with many Open Source projects with the aim of building a more open and secure Internet.


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